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Our mission is to provide client-centered, high-end andinnovative management consulting services in both Canada and Internationally.  We strive to improve the value-added contributions of our client organizations by offering superior consulting expertise at better than competitive prices.
We are committed to providing these services by emphasizing the following characteristics in the company's products, services and relationships.

Quality of Service:
This reflects both the product and the means in which it is promoted, planned, presented, delivered, managed and controlled.  We recognize that our long-term viability will be the result of successful and collaborative client/Synergem consulting relationships that truly meet the overall client performance needs.

Lean but Effective Company Management:
There is a commitment from our consultants to participate in finding, developing and implementing creative approaches to increasing the value-added to our clients.  The major emphasis of our approach the management of Synergem and its human resources is the development of a strong personal identification and commitment to our vision, mission and value rather than the reliance on traditional bureaucratic systems, practices and rules.

Quality Consulting Expertise:
We are an organization with substantial consulting competence, scope and high quality consultants.  We recognize that the success of our organization is above all on the quality of the consultants we offer to our clients. 

Quality Products:
We are creative, fresh, professionally competent, informed, practical and action-oriented. By investing in better approaches and concepts, we believe that we can offer our clients the most for the least.

Honest, Generous and Loyal to partners, associates, employees and clients